I registered for viabox & was given a suite number; I bought some sports shirts & socks & had them shipped to that suite; a day or two later, when I logged on, there was no US address in my dashboard anymore. I thought that was weird & re-entered the info; but it gave me a different suite number; despite having logged on with the same user and password, the support told me (after 4 days) that it was my fault for creating a 2nd account!!

I definitely didn't, but the order was finally marked as arrived in my dashboard, so I clicked on ship now and paid the amount. This was more than double what the estimate was .... for 6 shirts & 6 pair of socks it cost $225US to ship to Australia!! Ridiculous, but what else could I do.

The amount then showed as paid in my paypal account (and in my associated credit card). In my dashboard, the item moved to the Outgoing side as I would have expected, saying 'processing'. When I checked 2-3 hours later, it was no longer on the Outgoing side but back in the 'arrived' area and asking me to Ship Now again and wanting payment again. Once again their support took 3 days to figure out that I had paid and then shipped them.

They again blamed me, saying I must have pressed the Back button during payment. What a ridiculous thing to say, as their own site had it showing correctly for several hours after the payment, before reverting to the previous state! The shipping option I chose was DHL 2-4 days delivery. They sent me 2 different tracking emails (for TNT Express instead of DHL), neither of which worked.

After 2-3 more days the Viabox site itself had a link on it saying Shipped & if I clicked on it, that worked. The delivery took 11 days, not 2-4. During this whole process I tried to call them on no less than 10 times, at various times of day, trying to actually talk to someone .... voicemail every time!

This was a terrible and expensive experience. I will definitely choose someone else next time !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Viabox Mail Forwarding Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Viabox Cons: Low availability, High pricing, Slow shipping, Communication.

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

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