So basically, they OPENED the package. Jason Statham's #1 rule as the Transporter was, "Never open the package." THEY OPENED IT!

I was as shocked as if a server brought me a plate of mash potatoes, and right when she was to put it down in front of me... err... right AFTER... she stuck her finger in it and licked it off.

I would have been less surprised if that happened than Viabox opening my package, simply because I was using a remailer from within the United States.

In fact, from this page it seems clear that domestic market is not what they want. International markets, only. So they wouldn't ship it after opening it, and then they wanted to ship it back to the vendor. Long story (and about 11 emails) short, although I am getting a refund, the packages were actually discarded (about $50 worth), because they wanted to charge me the Fedex rate to ship it BACK to the vendors, who I remind you ... do not want the package.

I wanted the package. That's why I asked Viabox to ship it to me. So really their business is, "Send us stuff you want and we'll open it, ask nosy questions before shipping it back to your vendor. That'll be about 11 emails and $70, please."

Really the worst business experiences I've had so far in 2015.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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What shud I do now? I am in this situation whereby I request Viabox to send my item to Vpost which is abt 12km apart and they refused. They told me the only way is for them to send it back to seller


They likely target international customers because they make money from the shipments and with international ones they can easily earn $50-$100 per package. Shipping locally won't be very profitable for them, so they open the boxes and have you request to repack them so they can charge a profitable rate for shipment. They are indeed difficult to deal with, but would get things done once you learn how to deal with them and ignore the unfair over charges.

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